The Ultimate Forex Expert Advisor

We are a community of forex traders that have come together to discuss and teach about our very own J’S MONEY LTD EA and the various aspects of the financial markets using institutional tools to help you learn, optimize and gain a sustainable income via the foreign exchange.

Is this group the right fit for you?

Trading forex allows you to gain a greater financial status that goes beyond the average 9-5 salary, we will show you step by step methods to become a profitable trader using the JML EA. Due to 98% of traders already failing in trading, be the 2% that are winners and start today! Our guidance has helped 1,000 Members gain an extra income stream into their account.

How will J’S MONEY LTD EA Take your forex trading to the next level?

It runs itself

Once set up, the EA will be utilised by independently performing at all hours of the day.

Built with Prop Trading in mind

Do you want an EA that will help pass a prop firm challenge? We've implemented the most common prop firm trading rule to help you kick start your journey.

Do you want to trade a specific trading session?

You can set custom trading times to suit when you want to trade.

You'll save a load of time

compared to doing analysis yourself. 2 hours a day, 6 days a week is 624 hours a year - that's almost an extra month a year you will get back.

Less decisions

Reduce that overwhelming feeling from constant decision making, where to buy, where to sell, what lot size, etc. The JML EA will decide these factors for you.

This isn’t for everyone

If you are looking to turn £1000 into £10,000 in a month. We are not the community for you.

Want to reach the top? Time, effort, and consistency is the key to any success, and you will no doubt see that hard work pay off.

If you are looking for a 100% pass rate for your prop challenge, it doesn’t exist.

What our members are saying!

Here are just some of the reviews we get back from our community

Meet the founders of JML

Joshua Tucker

It annoys me how much potential there is in forex and people miss out on it. This is the reason J’S MONEY LTD is here to change your life.

Jack Gilbert

Forex has been my main source of income for years, my skill set is unmatched. This is the reason J’S MONEY LTD is here to change your life.

Frequently asked questions

Become a JML Community member and get access to the best expert advisor

You will shortly receive a confirmation of your purchase which will grant you login for your account. (With the username and password, you created) When logging in, there will be a section called discord, this section will directly take you to our Private Discord Server. Kindly raise a ticket in our ticket channel and we’ll be on hand to help you get member’s access. The EA and account numbers will be available to downloaded and manage in the members area on our website.

That's fine. Of course, this is a good investment. Any investment in yourself and your skills is a wise decision. Get the right knowledge and tools and get to work! We give you the hand up you need to get ahead with our community!

Absolutely! We are open to any level of experience and happy to assist in any way to help you understand and progress using our EA.

It really doesn’t matter. You are able to trade forex anywhere in the world. That’s what makes this so good. As long as you have a laptop with internet and money to start, you’re all good!

You can get started right away. All you need to do is Apply to join our private discord group and you will be sent a link to get started ASAP!

Unfortunately not, you’ll need a computer to do this and a VPS. Once set up, you can watch and manage trades directly from your phone as normal.