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Trading Forex allows you to replace and change your current income. We will show you the EXACT steps into investing and the most profitable way using our EA, so you don’t make the same mistake any trader does when staring there journey into forex. Our guidance has helped 1,000 Members gain an extra income stream into their account.

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How will J’S MONEY LTD EA Take your forex trading to the next level?

It runs itself

Once set up, the EA will do its thing whilst you go about your day as normal.

Built with Prop Trading in mind

That's right, you want an EA that will help you pass a Challenge and trade live? We've integrated the most common Prop Trading rules.

Do you want to trade a specific trading session?

You can set custom trading times to suit when you want to trade.

You'll save a load of time

compared to doing analysis yourself. 2 hours a day, 6 days a week is 624 hours a year - that's almost an extra month a year you will get back.

Less decisions

Reduce that overwhelm from constant decision making. Where to buy, where to sell, what lot size, etc. The Banker EA will decide for you.